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The Oasis OP-S model is built to operate in the most arduous circumstances encountered in construction, mining, municipal industries.The pump offers completely automatic suction from depths of 9 meters and unmatched performance in effluent disposal and slurry handling. With the help of a special impeller design, the OP-S model is capable of handling solids up to 100mm.


Standard Oasis Pumps come with a nickel C.I & aluminum (grade LM25) primary tank, SS (316) impeller, SS (316 L) shaft internals & a silicon carbide seal.  A choice of customized materials is available upon request. Standard pumps are skid mounted. Option of towable trailer mounted (two wheel pneumatic tires) or portable four wheel hard rubber tires available.

Industrial applications including construction, marine, public utilities, movement of water & sewage, oil & gas industries. Ideal for dewatering requirements such as well pointing, boosting discharge, sump pumping, effluent disposal & slurry with solids up to 100 mm.

Oasis can supply a full range of well point accessories that includes header pipes, quick action fittings, flexible hoses, lay flat hoses etc.



Vacuum pump with continuous oil lubrication, 70 CFM air removal. Provides priming & re-priming of pump as required.

Open Impeller
The open impeller, made of Bronze (BC3), is dynamically balanced to withstand highly corrosive liquids. Optional stainless steel (316) impeller is also available.

Volute & Discharge Assembly
Extra wide volute casing to accommodate special open impeller that enables easy handling of solids. Single piece casted 'T' piece, gives maximum durability.

Belt Guard
Moving parts are protected by mesh or steel crash guards.

Main Pump Shaft
Stainless steel (grade 316), machined to precise dimensions to get optimum life of seals & self-lubricated bearings.

Primary Tank
Single piece die-casted Aluminum alloy (grade LM25) priming tank, giving maximum durability.

Pumps are available with a variety of engines including Deutz, Lister - Petter and Kirloskar. Selected pumps are fitted with both electric & hand start. These engines may continue to be used even if the starter or dynamo is dysfunctional.


Technical Specification

Discharge / Suction pipe connections-In (mm) Mode
OP-S 100/40 OP-S 150/70
4(100) 6(150)
CFM 40 70
Maximum Flow (m3 / h) 150 400
Total Head (m) 35 35
Vacumm Lift (m) 9 9
Motor Power (hp) 23 52
Shipping Dimensions (cm) 220 X1 00X 125 242 X 93 X 125
FOB Weight (kg) 850 1175

Pumps are available with a variety of electrical motors & engines including Deutz (Germany), Lister (UK), Kirloskar (India).