High Pressure Pump

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High pressure pumps are fitted with multi-stage impellers that are designed to generate high discharge pressure. They come equipped with a horizontal hardened steel pump shaft which is directly driven through a flexible coupling connected to either a diesel engine or an electric motor.

The entire pump range has intermediate diffusers with direction blades. The spiral delivery body is equipped with seal rings which can be easily replaced on each impeller. The dynamically balanced multiple centrifugal impellers are specially made for high pressure application. The pump shaft near the packing is supported by suitably selected and dimensioned bearings. Additionally the pump shaft is also protected by a hard chrome brass bushing which is easily replaceable should the need arise. In these pumps the shaft is always guided by bronze journal bearing placed in the suction cover.


To ensure smooth operation of the pump in high pressure atmosphere, we enforce stringent quality control on the production of these pumps. We also ensure the selection of optimum materials. Oasis design engineers select the necessary specification to suit each application.

Standard pumps are suitable for lifting potable water or water with minimal quantities of chemicals in suspension.

Maximum temperature of water should not exceed 90 degrees centigrade.

Applications in rain irrigation, public, civil & industrial water supply, pressure boosting, firefighting, vibro-compaction for the ground, well points installation ,etc.