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Dewatering since 1992

Oasis Pumps Industry (Oasis) is a proud subsidiary of Trinity Holdings, an engineering conglomerate that offers a variety of services in diverse industry sectors.

Oasis is the leading manufacturer (OEM) of dewatering pumps in the UAE. Oasis pumps are renowned
for long-term reliability, efficiency and low maintenance as they provide trouble free operation in critical and demanding on-site conditions.

Oasis pays extensive attention to research and development to study the feasibility of new applications for its pumps. Oasis' in house research laboratory is continuously working on ways to improve the quality of materials used in pump manufacturing to withstand difficult operating conditions. Oasis' capability extends to manufacturing custom designed pumps fitted with specialist materials to match specific customer requirements. The company has a stock of diverse variety of pumps, ranging from 3" to 14".

Oasis' customer base extends throughout the GCC countries, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and India.

To its customers, Oasis offers:

  • Efficient and reliable pumping solutions
  • Project execution either by sale, rental or turnkey support
  • Extensive spares stocked with immediate availability
  • 24 X 7 service support