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Dewatering since 1992

Oasis Pumps Industry (OPI), a subsidiary of Trinity Holdings, is an indigenous manufacturer of dewatering pumps in the UAE. The company offers a variety of dewatering pumps and accessories to suit simple to most demanding applications in industries ranging from construction, marine, oil & gas to public utilities. Oasis is known for its product efficiency as it delivers pumps that provide high performance and require low maintenance. All engineering, design and manufacturing processes including casting, fabrication and assembly are done in-house and are subject to strict quality assurances. Oasis' extensive range of pumps are available with different components and materials to suit varying liquid/ water/ soil conditions, all backed by a team of trained engineers who ensure high reliability and minimal down time for any pumping application.


Company Profile

Dewatering since 1992 Oasis Pumps Industry (Oasis) is a proud subsidiary of Trinity Holdings, an engineering conglomerate that...

Quality Assurance

As an ISO 9001:2000 certified organization, we are committed to provide the highest standard of services. As a...

Trinity Holdings Subsidiaries

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