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Production & Testing

All our castings are sourced from our foundry after which they are machined at one of our machine shops. Our sub-assembly sections put together various parts of the pump which are passed onto our main assembly line where they are assembled into the final product along with the engine.

All the above procedures are subject to continuous tight quality control as required by ISO 9001:2008, the prevailing quality control standard within the company. On completion of the assembly, the pumps are moved to our modern testing facility where they undergo testing for a 24-hour period.Thereafter they are taken to our paint shop for painting and final packaging.

Market Development

From an initial focus on the UAE market, Oasis has now extended its footprint to GCC countries, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Indian sub-continent. Oasis is also an OEM to other pump manufactures.

The company continues to develop their product portfolio and can offer a wide range of equipment to satisfy the most demanding applications in diverse industries.The company offers equipment for sale, rental or as part of turnkey packages managed by experienced personnel.

Research & Development

At Oasis, research & development is an ongoing process which is directed at the improvement and extension of Oasis' products. Oasis constantly searches for techniques to improve the working life of the pumps. We regularly put new materials into trial runs for prolonged periods of time and under ardous conditions while we monitor their performance. Oasis takes on the responsibility of designing new pumps, manufacturing prototypes as well as putting them into service.

As a result of the work done over many years, the quality of Oasis pumps has continuously improved while costs have been contained or reduced.